About This Event

COVID-19 has brought much of the retail industry to a standstill as factory closures have given way to a fretful, distracted consumer. As a result, much of Spring 2020 has been wiped from the books. In order for retail to jumpstart the next chapter—one that quite possibly includes the novel coronavirus as a cyclical threat that emerges and re-emerges around the globe—it will have to embrace new operations that de-risk the supply chain.

In this new normal, both fashion firms and their suppliers need to sharpen their planning and boost their agility. It’s no longer enough to simply read and react, or to make decisions based solely on historical data. Today, the industry must become proactive about product development, assortments and pricing, placing product bets quickly and accurately.

Join Sourcing Journal on April 15 at 2 pm ET to learn how to apply consumer data to mitigate risk and protect margins. The discussion will focus on:

  • Salvaging Holiday 2020—what to cancel, what to keep and how to price it
  • Planning Spring/Summer 2021 with no recent sales history
  • Adjusting assortments through coronavirus cycles
  • Adopting new disruption-proof models like seasonless collections


Mark Chrystal, Chief Analytics Officer of rue21
Greg Flinn, Planning and Optimization Product Solutions Manager at Oracle Retail
Jim Shea, Chief Commercial Officer of First Insight
Edward Hertzman, President of Sourcing Journal Media (moderator)